Director: Brian Sharp and Patti Larsen

Genre: Dramatic Short

Watch: Consequences

Running Time: 16:56

Production Company: Mugisha Enterprises

Description: A short film about a teen runaway scared straight.

Available for Distribution: Yes in all territories.


Crows and Branches

Director: Millefiore Clarkes

Genre: Experimental

Watch: Crows and Branches

Running Time: 3:55

Production Company: One Thousand Flowers

Description: In Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, where the film was shot and produced, there occurs a daily natural phenomenon. At dusk each evening thousands of crows appear, as if out of no where, in the sky over the city, and flock to Victoria Park at the water’s edge. Crows and Branches is a homage to this wonder. It is a daily reminder to look up. We are bound to our earth and its rhythms.

Available for Distribution: Yes in all territories.

December in Toronto

Director: Millefiore Clarkes

Genre: Experimental Doc

Watch: December in Toronto

Running Time: 6:00

Production Company: One Thousand Flowers

Description: Moments before boarding a plane in Charlottetown PEI on Boxing Day, the Director’s partner handed her a challenge: “Document your journey” he said. The result is the short experimental documentary December in Toronto. It is a journey into a cityscape through the portal of a single gaze. This documentary travels through the streets of Toronto in December, into homes, to parties, and afternoon visits with elderly relatives, to cafes and subway stations and airport waiting rooms. December in Toronto distills the personal experiences of six days into six minutes of sense-weaving; articulating the inner landscape of a traveler. This short documentary reached over 70,000 viewers within the first month of being online.

Available for Distribution: Yes in all territories.



Director: Susan Rodgers

Genre: Period-Piece Short

Running Time: 12:00

Production Company: bluemountain entertainment

Description: Dreamers is the story of a Prince Edward Island Irish immigrant family, their hope for freedom, and the lands that define them. Brendan McMahon receives a letter from Ireland – his mother and sister have lost their home and are suffering at the hands of a merciless landlord.  Brendan must leave his young wife and infant daughter behind in Prince Edward Island, Canada, and return to Ireland to help fight for the cause of freedom and ensure the safety of those he loves.  Unbeknownst to him, as he succumbs to temptation and loneliness along his journey, back home his wife takes the high road and faces the very problem he leaves her to fight – a cruel eviction.

Available for Distribution: Contact bluemountain entertainment.


Family Magic

Producer/Director: Renee Laprise and Patti Larsen

Genre: Fantasy

Watch: Family Magic

Running Time: 1:36

Production Company: Mugisha Enterprises

Description: This is a book trailer for a project called ‘Family Magic’ which is based on a novel by Patti Larsen. Sydlynn Hayle is the daughter of a powerful witch and a demon lord, but she just wants to be ordinary. Brian Sharp was the DOP.

Available for Distribution: Rights are available for developing and producing into a feature length film. Trailer free for distribution.


Fine Tuning

fine tuning

Producer/Director: Jenna MacMillan

Genre: Drama

Watch: Fine Tuning

Production Company: ClubRed Productions

Description: Harry Jenkins moves from his country home of Belle River into Charlottetown, PEI after the death of his wife. He discovers that new beginnings can happen at any age.

Available for Distribution: Contact ClubRed Productions

Looking for Mr. Right

Director: Louise Lalonde

Genre: Dramatic Short

Watch: Looking for Mr. Right

Running Time: 5:13

Description: A young woman gets a rude awakening when her roommate brings a stranger home.

Available for Distribution: Yes in all territories.


The Tall Ship Picton Castle

Director: Susan Rodgers

Genre: Short Documentary

Watch: The Tall Ship Picton Castle

Running Time: 9:33

Production Company: bluemountain entertainment

Description: A visit on board the Tall Ship Picton Castle while she was at anchor in Summerside, Prince Edward Island. Features a tour around the ship and a view of life on board.  Poignant thoughts by those on board as they contemplate what brought them to this place in their lives, living what some people would call ‘the dream’.

Available for Distribution: Yes in all territories.


September in Toronto

Director: Millefiore Clarkes

Genre: Experimental Doc

Watch: September in Toronto

Running Time: 8:00

Production Company: One Thousand Flowers

Description: A companion piece to the earlier work December in Toronto. One camera travels the streets,  parks, hearts and homes of Toronto in September.

Available for Distribution: Yes in all territories.


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