According to John Acorn

john acorn

Director: Jason Arsenault

Running Time: 21:00

Watch: According to John Acorn on CBC Download in the ‘Documentary’ Section.

Description: A look at the world according to John Acorn.

Available for Distribution: Contact Director.


Exhibition Drive

Producers/Directors: Jeremy Larter and Jason Arsenault

Running Time: 64:50

Production Company: Rear Gear Productions

Watch: Exhibition Drive

Description: Exhibition Drive is an exciting sports documentary focused on the nine-day countdown to the final race of the Gold Cup and Saucer in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Filmed during the peak of summer, Exhibition Drive examines the importance of harness racing in Charlottetown and how it brings the city together for one unforgettable event. The film shows how Charlottetown comes alive with racing fever during Old Home Week, and the thrilling conclusion that is the Gold Cup and Saucer. Harness racing is presented as a shared cultural experience for a diverse population: the residents of Prince Edward Island and the thousands of visitors who flock to the city for Old Home Week. Exhibition Drive provides a unique perspective on Charlottetown’s relentless love for harness racing, and, as a result, it uncovers the uniqueness of Charlottetown itself. Exhibition Drive was shot during Old Home Week in August, 2011.

Available for Distribution: Yes in all territories.


First Scientists

Director: Mark Sandiford

Running Time: 46:00

Production Company: Beachwalker Films

Description: First Scientists presents living examples of knowledge rooted in thousands of years of tradition on this continent. This knowledge has many parallels to western science. It is firmly rooted in the real world and has been honed through hypothesis-testing, trial and error. But in many ways it is fundamentally different; focusing on relationships rather than objects, how rather than why, the heart rather than the mind, observation rather than explanation, prescription rather than description.

First Scientists shows how western science is now catching up to these ideas in areas like ecology, systems theory and artificial intelligence. It shows the efforts of scientists from both traditions to work together towards a more complete understanding of the world around us.

Educational Distribution: Distribution Access

Broadcast Distribution: Exploration Productions Inc.


In Between Spaces

Director: Millefiore Clarkes

Running Time: 23:28

Watch: In Between Spaces

Production Company: One Thousand Flowers

Description: IN BETWEEN SPACES is an experimental video project that explores the notion of a communal gaze. This collaborative documentary follows 12 individual perspectives from within a community; and through their eyes a sense of objective reality emerges. The community is Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Distribution: Yes in all territories.


Lighting the Qulliq: The First Masters of Education for Nunavut

Director: Mark Sandiford

Running Time: 26:00

Production Company: Beachwalker Films

Description: This is the first of two documentaries that Beachwalker produced in collaboration with the University of Prince Edward Island. It looks at the journey taken by a remarkable group of Inuit women who overcame huge obstacles to take their place as leaders in education in Nunavut.

Distribution: The University of Prince Edward Island


Qallunaat! Why White People are Funny

Director: Mark Sandiford

Running Time: 52:00

Production Company: Beachwalker Films

Description: What’s so funny about white people, otherwise known as Qallunaat to the Inuit? Well, among other curious behaviours, Qallunaat ritualistically greet each other with inane salutations, repress natural bodily functions, complain a lot about being cold and seem to want to dominate the world.

This docucomedy is a collaboration between filmmaker Mark Sandiford and Inuit writer and satirist Zebedee Nungak. Zebedee is CEO and head researcher of the mythical Qallunaat Studies Institute (QSI). According to Nungak, “Qallunaat ought to be the object of some kind of study by other cultures. The more I thought about the way they have studied us over the years it occurred to me, why don’t we study them?”

In its use of archival clips, Why White People Are Funnypokes as much fun at the illustrious history of NFB documentaries as it does at society in the south. Of course, well before the NFB came into existence, and at least as early as the classic 1922 feature “Nanook of the North,” white society has been fascinated with native subjects, studying them as exotic specimens, documenting their cultural and social behaviours. That tendency to frame a world of Eskimo “others” dominated both film Why White People Are Funnybrings the documentary form to an unexpected place. Those who were holding the mirror up to Inuit culture finally have it turned back on themselves. The result is not always pretty, but it sure is amusing. From the Inuit point of view, visitors from the south are nothing less than “accidents waiting to happen.”

Why White People Are Funny is a humbling portrait of what it must feel like to be the object of the white man’s gaze. Fresh and orginal, this documentary has that rare ability to educate with wit.

Distribution: NFB


Stalking Love

Director: Millefiore Clarkes

Running Time: 83:00

Production Company: One Thousand Flowers

Description: There is no one who has nothing to say about love. Stalking Love is a feature documentary in which one camera traverses North America to peer into the hearts of individuals from all walks of life. From across Canada, the US, and Mexico, a colourful tapestry of humanity is woven. The human relationship to “love” is explored through the perspectives of the prostitute in Montreal, the homeless man in New York City, the preacher in Savannah, the business man in San Blas, and a myriad of others.

In this dreamlike journey across the North American landscape, Stalking Love weaves together seemingly dissimilar realities by exploring an issue to which every person on earth can relate. No one can speak about love without giving themselves away. It is a property of love that it unveils the most essential in all humans. Stalking Love sings the harmony and too, the discord between humans in our society as they muse the topic of love.

One camera traverses North America in search of that elusive entity; love. From the wealthy to the poor, the aging to the very young, from prostitutes to priests; there is no one who has nothing to say about love.

Available for Distribution: Yes in all territories.


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