Comedy Web Series


DirectorJason Rogerson

Production Company: Sketch-22

Entire Series: Bunkerdown

Description: When a nuclear bomb hits P.E.I., six guys are thrown from a bus, climb down a manhole and find their way into a fallout shelter where a woman, holding a gun, welcomes them, telling them to get comfortable because they’re going to be there for a long, long time.

Available for Distribution: Yes in all territories.



Director: Adam Perry

Production Company: Across The Street Productions

Entire Series: Jiggers

Description: A new indy web series to make you laugh and cry. Set in beautiful Prince Edward Island, Jiggers tells the story of an asthmatic step dancer with exceptional skills, yet his respiratory illness prevents him from fulfilling his dreams of becoming a professional dancer. Along his journey to the top, John Paul meets many interesting characters while his past creeps back into his life. A small town rapper befriends John Paul and the traditional style of step dancing fuses with the new school sounds of hip hop! A musical comedy about friendship and determination.

Available for Distribution: Yes in all territories.


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