Renee Laprise

Mugisha Enterprises

Amazing Traveling Friendship Fair

Angora Napkin

Renée Laprise is a filmmaker currently working on her first experimental short film called Sacred She.  She is also the co-owner of Mugisha Enterprises Inc., a company specializing in multi-platform digital media storytelling . Currently Mugisha is producing N3XT TV in conjunction with the PEI government to help present career development in a fun and teen friendly way.  Also Mugisha, in conjunction with PEI writer and artist Troy Little and his creative partner Nick Cross, have produced an animated pilot called ‘Angora Napkin’ which aired on Teletoon and are currently in development with an Angora Napkin iPhone game.   Mugisha has also done extensive development on a cartoon based children’s property called the ‘Amazing Travelling Friendship Fair’ which was initially funded by the Inukshuk Fund and given funds by Telefilm to continue its development for future investment.

“Mugisha Enterprises Inc. is all about the content.  We love good stories and we love telling them in uniquely creative ways.”

Renée is also a practicing artist and heavily involved in community building through creative expression.


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