Brian Sharp

Mugisha Enterprises

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Amazing Traveling Friendship Fair


Brian Sharp has 18 years of experience shooting, directing, producing and production managing projects ranging from short films to 220 episodes of a daily TV series as well as extensive experience in animation having produced several successful TV kids series. Most recently Brian’s company (Mugisha Enterprises Inc.) produced Angora Napkin, an animated Teletoon pilot on Detour.  Prior to that Brian produced two seasons of Razzberry Jazzberry Jam, an animated kids series on CBC for Trapeze Animation Studios Ltd.
Brian’s credits include:
  • Angora Napkin (animated pilot for Teletoon) – executive producer with Mugisha Enterprises Inc.
  • Razzberry Jazzberry Jam season 1&2 (animated kids series (26 x 1/2hrs episodes) CBC) – producer with Trapeze Animation Studios Ltd.
  • The Amazing Traveling Friendship Fair (animated web brand)- producer with Mugisha Enterprises Inc.
  • Consequences (short dramatic film – festival release)-writer/producer/director with Mugisha Enterprises Inc.
  • Doodlez (season 3 pilot and DS game) – producer with Trapeze Animation Studios Ltd.
  • Habbo Hotel (animated pilot) – producer with Trapeze Animation Studios Ltd.
  • My Scene (animated web series MATTEL) – studio manager with Trapeze Animation Studios Ltd.
  • Shoebox Zoo (live action CG integrated animation, series) – production manager, associate producer, on-set visual FX supervisor with Calibre Digital Pictures Inc.
  • Rescue Heroes, Cyberchase, Maggie and the Ferocious Beast (Nelvana series) – post production supervisor with Nelvana
  • The Davinci Project (X-prize entry – animated flight sequence) – producer/director with Mugisha Enterprises Inc.
  • Homestyle (CTV daily series, 220 episodes) – editor with Summerhill Entertainment Inc.

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