Adam Perry

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Profile PEI
Food Country
Discover Lentils
Chef Michael’s Kitchen (web series)
Chef Michael’s Kitchen (TV series)


Adam is no stranger to web series. In 2007 he and Jeremy Larter created 2 seasons Profile PEI, a comedy series that follows the misadventures of a wannabe script writer. In 2009 Adam completed his second web series, Jiggers, a dramedy that tells the story of a slow-footed step dancer and a rapper as they make their way in the music industry. Recently Adam has been involved in a few culinary projects with Chef Michael Smith. 2010 held the release of Food Country, featuring an in depth look at where our food comes from on Prince Edward Island. He then shot and directed Chef Michael Smith in 2011’s Discover Lentils with a focus on the Lentil growing industry in Saskatchewan. The Food Network then requested a back to basics cooking web series called Chef Michael’s Kitchen in 2011 for their website. In 2012 Adam was called up to the big leagues and the series was developed into a television show and is now airing on the Food Network channel across Canada. Adam is currently developing a feature length film called The Assassination of Michael Ellis.


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