The Island Film Factory (IFF) is a dedicated group of media professionals on Prince Edward Island who embrace a new storytelling landscape. The IFF is seizing the advent of diverse media technologies to create stories for every platform; from online web series, to interactive narratives, to traditional cinema and television. The IFF is mobilizing the talent, vision, expertise and story-telling savvy of PEI’s media makers.

The IFF works alongside and in support of its sister organization The Island Media Arts Co-operative (IMAC). All of our members are also members of IMAC and we communicate and collaborate continually to address the varied needs and goals of the media arts sector.

The IFF works collectively and collaboratively while maintaining the strengths of its individuals. Our members are producers, directors, script-writers, camera operators, editors, animators, video-game designers, and documentarians. Through utilizing a light and proactive approach to media storytelling production, the IFF is able to move quickly and efficiently. We are focused on making Prince Edward Island a viable production centre for those interested in envisioning new approaches to the timeless act of storytelling.

The IFF is currently made up of twelve member-producers. New members are welcome if they meet the vision and criteria of the IFF mandate. The IFF is actively engaged in media skills training, sector advocacy, production assistance, production development, and all-out-production of film and video in a variety of genres.

The IFF works to create a vibrant landscape of media production on Prince Edward Island for its membership and for its peers within the sector.

IFF Mandate:

  • To produce media stories (web series, interactive media, film, televison, etc.) in a light, efficient, high-quality fashion on Prince Edward Island.
  • To stimulate the transmedia sector on Prince Edward Island, thus enabling a maximum number of producers and artists to contribute and benefit from this sector-enhancement.
  • To create an atmosphere of support, and enable producers and artists to produce media stories in all forms, through financial, human, creative, and technical support.
  • To reach a world-wide audience with the quality transmedia works created here on Prince Edward Island.
  • To raise the profile, both locally and internationally, of the remarkable transmedia work created on PEI.
  • To tell stories from an array of voices through the creation of media works on multiple platforms.

In the photo: (L-R) Millefiore Clarkes, Harmony Wagner, Brian Sharp, Jason Rogerson, Louise Lalonde, Mark Sandiford, Adam Perry, Renee Laprise and Susan Rodgers. [Missing: Jenna MacMillan, Cheryl Wagner, Jason Arsenault]


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