Digital Media Workshops Update

The IFF and Skills PEI are almost finished rolling out their Digital Media Workshop Series. Maritime industry pros at the top of their game were brought in to bump up the skill level of our already seasoned film and digital media workforce.  A five day production management course led by Cathy Grant and Margaret Harrison was jam packed with an astounding amount of information.  From this group one participant, Dan Rowswell, was chosen to production manage the rest of the workshops in this series.  His management skills were put to the test when he had to schedule and wrangle three workshops happening concurrently at Springhead Studios in Charlottetown. Several mock film shoots were set up to teach practical technique in the areas of Directory of Photography led by Jeff Wheaton, Field Sound Record led by Aram Koujoudmian, and Grip/Gaffer/Electric, led by Corey Bulger.  It was a fun filled weekend of learning and comradery that got rave reviews from all the participants.  Much was learned and many connections were made.  The next weekend was Sound Design led by Steven Naylor and Comedy Editing led by Kim McTaggart.  Steve introduced his group to the art of sound by having them experience and experiment. And Kim’s approach was similar, introducing her group to the art of making people feel and laugh through pacing and timing of edits.  Again, participants of both workshops came away feeling like they had really upped their game with the practical and creative information they were given.  Long Form Drama Editing led by Chris Cooper and Online Editing led by Ken Peterson will wrap up the series of workshops at the end of March.  It is expected that these workshops will go just as well.  The members of the Island Film Factory  would like to thank all of the workshop facilitators for taking the time to offer our filmmakers such an exciting and rewarding experience.   The skills that the participants have been able to glean from the best of the best will go a long way toward putting PEI on the map in the Canadian film/digital media industry.


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